Postdoctoral Position (3 years)


The deadline to sign the application in Fenix is Thursday 1st October 2020 at 3pm.

The Swedish Cancer Society, organization number 802005-3370, 101 55 Stockholm, is the body responsible for the collection and processing of personal data in connection with grant applications.

The Swedish Cancer Society has a digitized grant application system called Fenix. Fenix uses BankID and Swedish social security numbers for both identification and signing. The application is signed digitally by both the Head of Department and the applicant directly in Fenix. Applicants sign the application last, i.e. after the Head of Department has signed.

Note that if you make changes to the application after sending it to the Head of Department for signing, you must send a new request for signing by your Head of Department, as the application has changed. This applies regardless of what changes have been made.


To benefit cancer research by recruiting able, younger researchers to the field. To promote the researcher's development, the Swedish Cancer Society would prefer the postdoctoral program to take place at a different institution and with a different supervisor than during the graduate research program.

The intention is that research should be conducted in Sweden.

For legal reasons, the Swedish Cancer Society pays research grants only to Swedish universities and colleges.

Formal eligibility requirements

The applicant must have completed a doctoral degree (Swedish or foreign) after 1 July 2017, but before the final application date.

Exceptions to the eligibility rule regarding the date of the award of a doctorate:

The following exceptions must have taken place after the award of the doctoral degree. Complete your request in the application system.

Exceptions can be granted after absence due to:

  1. Sick leave;
    exceptions may be granted if the applicant has been on at least 50% sick leave for at least 30 consecutive calendar days. A certificate from the employer's HR / payroll department or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) must be attached.
  2. Parental leave;
    a. Applicants who have had children and been on parental leave may be granted an exception with the standard 275 calendar days per child. Certificates may be requested.
    b. Alternatives to the standard deduction above can be granted to applicants who have had 100% continuous parental leave exceeding 275 calendar days. This must be attested by a certificate from the employer's HR / payroll department or the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, covering the entire parental leave in question from day one.
  3. Internship or equivalent compulsory work experience required to obtain professional certification; a certificate stating the date, scope and type of internship must be attached to the application.

Certificates from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency must not contain personal data for children.

Grant period

Grants for Postdoctoral Positions are granted for a maximum of three years. The grant period usually begins on 1 July of the same year as the award. For exceptional reasons the start of the grant period may be postponed, but no later than 1st January of the year following the award.

When awarding grants for Postdoctoral Positions, the Swedish Cancer Society assumes that the holder will be working full time within the project. The grant can be combined with a maximum of 20% secondary employment, for example clinical employment.

The size of the grant

This is calculated in accordance with the current salary standard from the Swedish Cancer Society's research committee. The salary standard for Postdoctoral Positions is currently SEK 61,000 per month. The salary standard is adjusted annually.

The grant is calculated on the current salary standard, holiday pay (1.3%) and salary fees (51.7%) plus the managing institution's deductions for indirect costs (15.25%). 

The grant holder's actual salary is determined by the employer.

It is a requirement of The Swedish Cancer Society that the entire grant be used to finance the position. The grant from the Swedish Cancer Society may not be used as project funds or for another person's salary.

Basis for assessment

The application is assessed according to the following assessment criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Applicant's competence
  • Cancer relevance - According to the Swedish Cancer Society's statutes, the society must "support, organize and coordinate cancer research".

Research program

The research program may be written in Swedish or English and may comprise a maximum of ten pages including references (12pt, single line spacing, 2.5 cm margin).

The following is the recommended outline:

  • Specific objectives
    A brief account of the aim of the proposed research work.
  • Background
    Summary of your own and others' results in the research area.
  • Work plan and preliminary results
    Detailed description of hypotheses, planned work and any preliminary results. The work plan should also include a methodological description where it is made clear that current technology/methodology is in place and mastered, or is otherwise available for the project in question.
  • Significance
    Brief account of the expected importance for cancer research.
  • Literature references
    Author, title of work, publication name and year of publication. Include only the absolutely essential references.

Practical guidelines

Signing the application

When you have completed your application, you must send it to your Head of Institution by going into the "Preview/Förhandsgranska" tab. At the bottom of the page you click on "Request signing/Be om signering". This sends the application to your Head of Institution, who receives it and signs it digitally with BankID.

Note that if you make changes to the application after sending it to the Head of Institution for signing, you must send a new request for signing by your Head of Institution, as the application has changed. This applies regardless of what changes have been made.

When the Head of Institution has signed the application digitally with BankID, you as the applicant will receive an email. You can then log in and sign the application digitally with BankID. This should be done no later than 1st October 2020 at 3pm.

Application signing period

The deadline for signing the application is Thursday 1st October at 3pm.


Decisions will be made at a meeting of the Research Committee in March 2021.


Applications are made in the Swedish Cancer Society's grant application system Fenix. Applications can be saved and altered until you have pressed the button "Request signing/Be om signering". Applications cannot be signed and submitted unless all the tabs in the application form are marked in green.

Applications cannot be altered or supplemented after the end of the application period.


  • Invitation from the host institution.
  • Complete list of publications.
  • Research program, max 10 pages.
  • Max. 3 x manuscripts with original data
  • If applicable, basis for requesting an exception.


Changed circumstances during the grant period:

  • Changed employment and financing circumstances must be reported immediately to the Swedish Cancer Society for reconsideration of the grant.
  • Researchers who have been awarded grants for Postdoctoral Positions cannot use the funds for any other type of work. If the Postdoctoral Position is terminated, the grant will also be terminated.

Change of address

The applicant/grantee is responsible for ensuring that up-to-date personal and institutional contact information is entered into the Fenix application portal.

Reports (financial and scientific)

Not later than three months (see contract) after the end of the period of performance, a report must be submitted via Fenix. Unused funds must be repaid. The Scientific Report must be attached as a PDF file.

Feedback regarding decisions

Written feedback reports for short-listed candidates will be available in the corresponding applications.


Contact the Cancerfonden, telephone number 010 - 199 10 10, or email

Use of personal data

Read more about the Swedish Cancer Society's handling of personal data in the Swedish Cancer Society's privacy policy (in Swedish).