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In memory of Jeff Cammack

Av Malin, Tessa, Elise and Henning

5 april 2022

Jeff was my soulmate, best friend, and the father of our three fabulous kids Tessa, Elise and Henning. He was also a cyclist, an entrepreneur, and an SEO nerd. He was diagnosed with non-functional neuroendocrine carcinoma in his pancreas at 42 and died 10 months later. He immediately asked if there were any trials he could join, and did biopsies and tests for it early on. Unfortunately, there were no trials that matched his needs and diagnosis. It turns out Jeff was also chemo resistant. By donating to Cancerfonden, we contribute to the advancement of medicine and care for cancer patients. Perhaps the next child whose dad is diagnosed with Jeff's type of cancer will get to live and they get to keep their dad. Please contribute in whichever way you can❤️.

Var först med att bidra - varje krona räknas!