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My father died of cancer, and with this campaign I would like to raise awareness on the huge opportunities that lie in using digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence to diagnose and treat cancer at any stage, thus saving lives and suffering. My name is Christian Guttmann and I work with research in Artificial Intelligence and Cancer, and I will also participate in several Almedalen panels that discuss AI and cancer in 2018. In case you would like to know more about me, you can find more info on My action and contribution: In the end of July 2018, I will cycle to the North Cape, and share my experience about my trip. And I hope to increase awareness of the condition and research opportunities on AI and cancer. I will also do this under the umbrella of the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute which is a non-profit organisation that supports the use of AI for social and economic prosperity - I will update my blog and share my experience - it can be found here: Thank you all for donating your time and money for this cause!

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24 juni 2018


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