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Startad av Johan Pettersson / 3 juli 2018


Skänk med Swish

Swish:a BESEGRA 33424 till 90 1951 4. Du kan sedan skriva ditt namn så att det syns på gåvan. Annars blir din gåva presenterad som anonym.


BESEGRA 33424 Johan Ek

OBS! Det tar upp till två arbetsdagar innan gåvan syns på insamlingssidan. Är du osäker kan du granska din betalning under Händelser i Swishappen.


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10 000 kr

My beloved dad got the news of terminal cancer on the 16th of November 2017.
We really wanted him to be a part of our special day so we planned and tried to get a date as soon as possible. Therefor the somewhat rushed date of 11th August.
Sadly he didn´t make it and passed away on the 15th of May, I was by his side until his last breathe and could take a final farewell.
We still want to celebrate with our family and friends in his honor.
A hope and comfort that this might help other Dads, Moms, Daughters and Sons I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
In loving memory
Johan & Jessie